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What I do

Here are a few areas I'd love to help you with:

iOS Applications

I have over five years under my belt designing for and shipping native, hybrid, and web-applications for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Website Design

I can help build static websites in HTML/CSS/JS or fully customize a WordPress installation to fit your needs.

Android Applications

I first started designing for Android at Flipboard and have fallen in love with Material Design.

Logo Design

From sketch to vector, I enjoy the logo discovery process and finding the essence of a brand.



I'm currently the Lead Product Designer for the Growth Team at Flipboard.  I basically try to figure out clever ways to make Flipboard as awesome for you as it is for me.

Current Projects

Onboarding Flow
I worked on the first time user experience for the Android and iOS apps.
Intelligent Scrolling
The topics that are loaded as you scroll are determined by your previous selections!
Collect Stories
I designed what we call the Flip UI, where you can collect any article into one of your Flipboard magazines.
Expandable Tray
My favorite aspect of this design is how the UI adapts - it's quick to find the magazine you're looking for no matter how many you have.
Send to Your Friends
One of the first projects I worked on was the sharing UI for sending articles to friends.
A Better Emailer
The more you use the Send-to-Friend UI, the easier it gets - your recent contacts will show up for quick selection.
Shopping on Flipboard
Once we started receiving pricing data for products offered by certain partners, I focused on bringing eCommerce to Flipboard.
Tap to Buy!
I designed the price tag to fit a variety of product page layouts so that it can both act as a button and indicate the product's price.

Get In Touch!

Where to find me

I'm always up for grabbing a coffee at Philz in Palo Alto!

Other ways to get in touch

Feel free to call me using the number below, but the best way to catch me is through email.